What our Gas fitters will do is a 17pt. hands-on inspection, cleaning, servicing, fine-tuning and complete electrical check. We back up our services with a one year warranty; if anything breaks down or any problems occur after we have fixed/serviced the boiler, we will come and deal with any issues and have them resolved at no extra charge. The benefits of having your gas heating appliances serviced on an annual basis ensure savings on your gas bill, prevent breakdowns from occurring, gives confidence that your boiler will run safely, efficiently, and prolongs the life of the boiler.

We service all makes and models of boilers and carry a variety of steam boilers, gas boilers and water boilers from top name manufacturers such as Rheem, Super Hot, and Weil-McLain. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a boiler repair in Great Vancouver, contact Royal Heating today

Our Boiler Repair Services Include:

Boiler RepairWater BoilerSteam Boiler
Gas BoilerBoiler RepairsWater Boilers
High-Efficiency BoilerBoiler InstallationGas Boilers

A boiler is a confined vessel where water, through gas, electricity or fuel oil, is heated instantly and circulated through a piping system to baseboard heaters or radiators within the home. In specific boiler variants, the hot water is converted to steam at higher temperatures and distributed through pipes for heating. As the steam cools, it is reverted back to water and returns to the boiler to be reheated.

From simple boiler maintenance to extensive boiler repair in Grate Vancouver, our heating contractors at Royal Heating has earned the reputation of providing quality heating repair service at affordable rates. When it comes to a water boiler, gas boiler and steam boiler repair, we will provide a thorough assessment of your boiler and provide you with the most efficient solutions that will restore your home comfort in no time. In some cases, your boiler may be damaged past the point of boiler repair. If this is the case, our heating contractors in Grate Vancouver can provide you with all the necessary information and help you select and install a new heating system for your home.

Boiler Repair Service Checklist

  • inspect heat exchanger

  • test temperature rise across the heat exchanger

  • lubricate the circulating pump as required

  • Clean burner/Combustion Chamber

  • examine zone valves

  • inspect cold water input and hot water output

  • check expansion tank

  • Go over all of the gas components e.g. thermocoupler, gas valve etc.

  • Check for gas leaks on the piping to the Boiler

  • Examine CO and gas leak

  • Examine gas pressures

  • Examine hot water and central heating thermostats

  • Examine wire connection and switches

  • Check pilot light assemblage and also clean/adjust if required

  • Burners: check air to gas ratio to see that there is a right mixture for efficiency

  • Check flame pattern to make sure it is the proper height and colour

  • Will clean and adjust burner if required